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Today, Toyo is faced with many new challenges in development. Even as price competition intensifies, we anticipate that demand among car owners for product diversity and customization will increase. Also, to win in the market, we must release new products much more rapidly than ever before. In order to meet these conflicting requirements, we are working to further reduce lead-time while introducing the “platform concept” to standardize basic tire structure in the tire development process.

Toyo pioneered the development of vehicle-specific tires, as well as ultra high-performance sport radial tires. Of course, advanced polymer technology played a role in these breakthroughs, but they were also made possible by Toyo’s original Dynamic Stability Optimized Contact (DSOC) theory technology that was first utilized in 1988. Toyo introduced an updated version of this technology, called DSOC II, in 1995. The latest “T mode” technology is based on DSOC II, but is even more precise and evolutionary.

“T mode” - The New Tire Designing Basis Technology
“T mode” captures every movement of the vehicle in order to analyze its data and then combine it with tire behavior analysis. It has enabled us to create more accurate and ideal couplings, which designates which type of tires fits best on particular vehicles. It is the result of carefully integrating driving simulation and tire simulation. “T mode” is truly an amazing technology that will revolutionize the tire industry in the 21st century.

Analysis software for “T mode” integrates one driving simulation and three tire simulation software modules. The driving simulation software, called ADAMS, incorporates parameters such as high-speed straight driving, lane-change, emergency avoidance, slalom, and braking performance simulations. The three tire simulation software modules are STACS II, CASPAN, and MSC. Dytran. They incorporate performance data such as contact-surface, cornering-force, hydroplaning, vibration analysis, and rolling resistance simulation.

“T mode” combines all of this analysis data. This new technology enables us to evaluate tire-loads correctly, optimize tire-structure, tire-material and design tires that can be perfectly matched with a vehicle.

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